Custom Paintings

Commissioned to Match Your Individual Style

Original paintings commissioned by Clients and Interior Designers to match their individual design styles. These paintings range in size from very small to up to very large based on whatever the clients needs are. They are customized from start to finish, incorporating colors, subject matter, design elements and styles from the environment they will be displayed in. The paintings can have 3-D elements or be flexible to wrap around curved walls. We also ship commissions anywhere in the US and internationally.

For these paintings we generally meet with the clients, discuss colors, price and subject matter, decide on size and take pictures of the area where the painting will go if possible. We work on a design and place the layout for the painting in the environment where it will be hung. This gives the client a good idea of how the final painting will look in their home or office. At this point we can start the painting or go back and make alterations on the designs.  

 Please give us a call at 239-595-9369 if you have any questions about the commission process. For more examples take a look at my Murals and Custom Fine Art pages.